In this post I'm going to share the news about our new 1.16 server JAR and tell you, how you can install Magma 1.16 from now on.

What does server JAR mean?

Until now, you had to install Magma 1.16 by downloading the installer and executing it manually. This annoying process lead to some issues, for example not being able to auto-update our software.

Now, due to the help of Malcolm, Shawizz and Hexeption, we finally have a server JAR like we have for 1.12, meaning you don't have to run any installers, because the server JAR will download everything it needs by itself.

How can I install Magma now?

Well, you just download it, put it into a directory and run it. That's it, just like on 1.12. It will take slightly longer due to it having to download libraries on the first start though.

Does this have any side effects?

Beside from being more accessable for hosting providers? Not really. One thing that got implemented aswell is the ability to run Magma 1.16 with any version of Java ranging from Java 8 to Java 17 (it is still recommended to use Java 8).